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Learn more about our mission, the people on our team, and the editorial policies we have in place to maintain our integrity.

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About Ecolife.com

Ecolife.com is a sustainability website founded in 2010. It provides a dictionary of environmental terms, advice on living a sustainable lifestyle, and comparisons of eco-friendly products. Originally founded in British Columbia, Canada, Ecolife.com is now headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, and led by Sander Tamm, its CEO.

Our mission

The mission of Ecolife.com is to empower you to make your life greener. Whether you are looking to find better ways to recycle different types of plastic or learn more about ethical fashion, we hope to provide you with the answers you need to make a positive impact on the planet.

Our articles simplify complex information and decisions so that you can easily adapt the guidance to your own life. With our editorial guidelines, we strive to ensure that all articles published on our site are always up-to-date, accurate, unbiased, inclusive, and easy to grasp.

Our editorial guidelines

To ensure that our content fulfills our mission while maintaining integrity, we have a set of editorial guidelines that our writers and editors follow.

We place high importance on:

  • Accuracy: Our editorial team works hard to ensure the accuracy and relevancy of the information in our articles. We fact-check our articles and update them when needed to reflect new information or developments.
  • Independence: We are committed to editorial independence and do not allow the information in our articles to be influenced by anyone unless a significant error of fact within the content is brought to our attention.
  • Sources: Any data points and factual claims within our articles are sourced, credited, and linked to whenever possible, and we emphasize relying only on reputable sources from experts in their field.
  • Inclusivity: Ecolife.com seeks to provide information that is inclusive of all readers, regardless of their gender, race, and prior knowledge of the subject. Everyone can make a difference.
  • Impartiality: Our articles provide information without taking a side on contentious topics unless we have reputable sources and citations to back up those positions.
  • Positivity: We aim to seek solutions over negativity and inactivity. That is why you won’t find excessive use of intimidating statistics here. While we may throw out the occasional fact regarding environmental degradation, we try to always be optimistic.

Our partners and affiliates

We are happy to accept sponsorship and partnership opportunities to engage our audience of green-minded people with sustainable brands and products. However, we are strictly against greenwashing, and we only consider partnerships with companies that take verifiable steps toward environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

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How we choose partners

Before establishing a partnership with any brand or product, we conduct an evaluation process. This ensures alignment with our core values and adherence to our sustainability benchmarks. Below is a representative but not exhaustive list of criteria we typically consider:

  1. Which third-party sustainability certifications the product or brand possesses.
  2. Whether the brand maintains or is working towards a carbon-neutral status and what specific carbon offset projects it uses to reduce its carbon emissions.
  3. Whether the brand uses resources (water, energy, raw materials, land) efficiently and reduces waste generation (for example, through effective recycling and recovery practices).
  4. Whether and to what extent the brand uses materials or ingredients in its products, including packaging, that are vegan, organic, natural, Fairtrade-certified, FSC-certified.
  5. Whether the product contains palm oil and if yes, whether it is responsibly, ethically sourced.
  6. Whether chemicals such as BPA, PVC, phthalates, and parabens are excluded from the product’s formulation.
  7. Whether the brand prioritizes social sustainability, including the wellbeing of its employees.

Some of the links on our website are known as affiliate links. These special links lead you to our affiliate partners’ online stores where you can purchase products. If you decide to buy something in that store, that partner will pay us a commission. You don’t pay anything extra, but this commission helps us operate our website and continue to review sustainable, eco-friendly products from brands we trust.

Being transparent with our readers is crucial. So, whenever an article on our site includes these affiliate links, we disclose that right at the beginning before showcasing any products or affiliate links. Our recommendations are not influenced by partnerships, and are based on sustainability benchmarks such as those highlighted above.

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If you’d like to notify us of factually incorrect information on our website, share your ideas, offer a partnership, or simply let us know what’s on your mind, feel free to fill out our contact form or email us at [email protected].