Ecolife Author: Sander Tamm

Sander is the manager and webmaster of Ecolife, a project aimed at empowering you in your quest to make your life more sustainable.

Sander is the manager and webmaster of Ecolife. By restarting the Ecolife project, Sander hopes to bring attention to the various issues facing our planet, offer practical solutions for those wanting to take action, and help collectively make this world a better place for all living beings.

Sander’s formal educational background is in medical diagnostics, but after resigning from medicine, he began publishing independent online media instead. His articles span many topics and reflect his interest in the intersections between the environment, human health, online education, government, and sustainability. Last year, his articles were read by over 1 million people, and his writing has been featured by AOL, The Baltimore Sun, Independent Australia, and Neil Patel, among others.