7 Sustainable Deodorant Brands for Natural Freshness

From toxic propellants to aluminum, there's ample reason to avoid conventional deodorants.

By Sander Tamm

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Sustainable Deodorant Brands
Sustainable Deodorant Brands
Sustainable Deodorant Brands
Sustainable Deodorant Brands

As environmental concerns in the beauty industry gain traction, everyday personal care products like deodorants face increasing scrutiny. This has sparked demand for sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives and highlighted the negative impacts of conventional deodorant on our lives.

Here are 7 sustainable deodorant brands that prioritize eco-friendly business practices:


Wild Natural Deodorant
Wild Natural Deodorant
  • Certifications | B Corp (score 110.8); the Vegan Society
  • Product attributes | Cruelty-free; aluminum-free; refillable
  • Manufacturing | Netherlands 
  • Shop At | WeAreWild.com (use link/code “ECOLIFE” for 20% off) / Amazon.co.uk

Wild incorporates all-natural, vegan, cruelty-free ingredients that mitigate unpleasant odors. They eliminate single-use plastics by using refills from compostable bamboo pulp, resulting in zero waste. Most of Wild’s deodorants contain baking soda, but for those with sensitive skin, they also offer baking soda-free options. Although Wild uses palm oil in their deodorants, they ensure it’s the sustainably sourced, RSPO-certified variety.

Through their carbon offsetting partnership with On A Mission, Wild also participates in tree planting. Wild deodorant is produced using water-free methods, making it a substantial advantage for their sustainability as it counters industrial water pollution. Considering all these sustainability efforts, Wild easily ranks among the world’s top sustainable deodorant brands, setting a benchmark for the industry.


EcoRoots Deodorant
  • Certifications | 1% for the Planet
  • Product attributes | Cruelty-free; aluminum-free; palm-oil free; baking soda free
  • Manufacturing | Colorado, USA
  • Shop At | Ecoroots.us

EcoRoots’ natural deodorant is composed of organic, vegan, and non-toxic ingredients. It is also cruelty-free and free from parabens, phthalates, palm oil, and baking soda. Natural fragrance options include lavender, coconut, or eucalyptus & mint. One minor drawback is that the deodorant applicator requires some effort and could benefit from smoother functionality. Nevertheless, it is an effective and sustainable deodorant choice.

EcoRoots is a small, women-owned business that prioritizes sustainability. Concentrating on reducing waste generation, their handcrafted, USA-made deodorants use a zero-waste approach to prevent the disposal of waste in landfills, oceans, or other natural ecosystems. Furthermore, EcoRoots has previously demonstrated its commitment to environmental causes by donating to Ocean Conservancy. Their product’s packaging is eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable, allowing for at-home composting or repurposing of the tube.


PĀPR Natural Deodorant
PĀPR Deodorant
  • Certifications | PETA 
  • Product attributes | Cruelty-free, aluminum-free; paraben-free; silicone-free
  • Manufacturing | California, USA 
  • Shop At Papercosmetics.comAmazon.com

PĀPR offers a nature-powered, vegan, unisex, and cruelty-free deodorant. All their scents are sourced from cold-pressed essential oils, eschewing synthetic fragrances. This deodorant is also dermatologically tested and has clinical proof of being non-irritating for all regular skin types. For individuals with heightened sensitivity, consider PĀPR´s Sensitive-Bare Naked Formula.

PĀPR is a climate-neutral, small company. In their journey towards climate neutrality, they have made significant adjustments to their production processes to minimize their environmental impact, and they contribute to tree-planting through the nonprofit organization OneTreePlanted.org. Their packaging is crafted from 99.98% FSC-certified, fully biodegradable paper, and their entire production is powered by solar energy in the USA.


Ethique Deodorant

Ethique uses all-natural, plant-based ingredients for its deodorants. The absence of preservatives in Ethique’s deodorant is due to its water-free production method, which aligns with its sustainability goals by mitigating water pollution. They produce aluminum-free deodorants sourced through ethical means, offering a selection of three scents: Rustic Citrus, Botanica Floral, and a fragrance-free option called Minimalist Unscented.

Ethique is a certified B Corp with an outstandingly strong B Impact Score, demonstrating that for Ethique, sustainability runs deep. The core guiding principle for Ethique is the introduction of health-conscious products crafted from sustainably sourced, naturally derived ingredients. Notably, their packaging is entirely devoid of plastic, and they donate 2% of their sales to charity. Plus, their products are certified palm-oil free by the Orangutan Alliance.


Fussy Refillable Deodorant
Fussy Refillable Deodorant
  • Certifications | B Corp (score 87.7); Leaping Bunny; 1% for the Planet
  • Product attributes | Vegan; aluminum-free
  • Manufacturing | UK
  • Shop At | Getfussy.com / Amazon.co.uk

Fussy’s natural deodorant is aluminum-free and adheres to vegan and cruelty-free standards. The deodorant case is crafted from 50%+ recycled plastic and is fully recyclable & refillable. An advantage of Fussy compared to Wild is that inserting the refill is a bit simpler. Backed by scientific research and featuring a probiotic recognized for its efficacy in controlling body odor, Fussy delivers long-lasting freshness, with odor control capabilities extending for over 24 hours.

Fussy operates as a carbon-neutral business, with each deodorant sold contributing to green energy projects around the world. Their mission is to champion eco-friendly practices and environmental protection, which aligns with their consistent use of clean ingredients. Additionally, Fussy holds B Corp certification, underlining its commitment to prioritizing people and the planet in all aspects of its operations. Furthermore, they carry the Leaping Bunny certification, verifying their commitment to cruelty-free practices.

Meow Meow Tweet

Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant
Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant
  • Certifications | B Corp (score 86.3); Leaping Bunny; 1% for the Planet
  • Product attributes | Vegan; aluminum-free; palm-oil free
  • Manufacturing | California, USA
  • Shop At | Earthhero.com / Amazon.com  

Meow Meow Tweet deodorants contain ingredients that are certified organic, non-GMO, and sourced from robust, renewable plant populations. Meow Meow Tweet deodorants are also aluminum-free and palm-oil-free, with a design that minimizes plastic consumption while maintaining an affordable price point. They also provide a baking soda-free alternative. These products are handcrafted in small batches in their California micro-factory. To sum up, it is a natural deodorant that keeps you feeling fresh without compromising the environment.

Meow Meow Tweet is an initiative focused on promoting environmental consciousness and sustainability. The company is a B Corp, and it’s Carbon-Neutral and Plastic-Negative certified. They avoid materials that harm the ecosystems of animals and people. Additionally, their approach to packaging is also sustainable, emphasizing the use of materials that biodegrade naturally or can be easily repurposed, thus minimizing waste. Remarkably, Meow Meow Tweet allocates funds to support causes falling within the realms of Social Justice, Animal Justice, and Nature conservation.


L'Occitane Deodorant
  • Certifications | B Corp (score 85.4)
  • Product attributes | Aluminum-free; paraben-free; primarily for men
  • Manufacturing | France
  • Shop AtLoccitane.com / Amazon.com
This L’Occitane deodorant is an aluminum-free product crafted from natural origin ingredients. When applied to the skin, it offers a scent with woody and spicy undertones. This alcohol-free stick deodorant dries quickly and helps reduce the occurrence of body odors. It’s worth noting that this particular L’Occitane deodorant is designed primarily for men. As a drawback, the product is more on the pricier side.
L’Occitane is a French company manufacturing premium and sustainable products. A B Corp certified company, L’Occitane’s sustainability approach centers on several key objectives, such as empowering its employees, conserving biodiversity, minimizing waste, and addressing climate change. It’s worth noting, however, that L’Occitane’s Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free status was revoked due to the company marketing their products in China. L’Occitane has been against animal testing for 40+ years, but selling in China means their products may be tested on animals by local authorities, and this is enough to exclude them from a cruelty-free status.