Canning Season Calendar: Plan Your Year of Preserving

Here's a simple monthly canning season calendar to help preserve your harvests or those of your favorite local farmer.

By Sander Tamm

Canning Season Calendar
Canning Season Calendar / Ecolife

Preserve your harvests or those of your favorite local farmer by canning all year round. From canned tomatoes to summery jams and jellies, it’s easy to plan your year of preserving with our simple monthly canning season calendar. For practical canning tips, read the “USDA’s Complete Guide to Home Canning“. Factors such as acid levels play an important role in canning, so try not to wing it. And, use our canning season calendar to know exactly when it’s time to whip out the pressure canner.

Monthly canning season calendar

Here’s a monthly canning season calendar:

  • May: Rhubarb sauce, pickled asparagus 
  • June: Strawberry jam, mint syrup
  • July: Berry jams, peach sauce, pickled garlic, pitted cherries
  • August: Tomato sauce, pickled jalapenos, and green beans
  • September: Pickled cucumbers and onions, apple and pear sauce, canned corn
  • October: Apple butter, pickled garlic-dills
  • November: Pumpkin sauce, pickled mushrooms,
  • December: Pineapple sauce, pickled beets
  • January: Pickled beets, cranberry jam
  • February: Pickled onions, turnips, and sweet potatoes
  • March: Rhubarb sauce, pickled carrots
  • April: Pickled radishes, pickled asparagus