The Best Natural, Cruelty-Free Skin Toners

Choose natural toners to make your beauty routine healthier and more eco-friendly.

By Sander Tamm

Natural and Cruelty-Free Skin Toners
Natural and Cruelty-Free Skin Toners

Facial toners may seem like mysterious products, but they are essential for healthy skincare. They help remove any last bits of cleanser as well as dead skin and work to close your pores and balance pH. Sandwiched between your cleanser and your moisturizer, natural toner is a balancing liquid that helps to firm up your skin and provide a perfectly cleansed canvas.

This article highlights the key chemicals to avoid in face toners and provides tips for purchasing natural facial toners. If you’re looking for a natural, non-toxic facial toner, you’ll want to stay away from these chemicals:

And, if making your own skincare products is not an option for you, then try out the following commercial options.

These are the best natural and cruelty-free skin toners:

  1. Comforting Toner – Madara
  2. Chamomile & Rice Protein Face Toner – Druide
  3. Refining Toner – Weleda
  4. Unscented Facial Toner – Thayers

Comforting Toner - Madara

Madara’s Comforting Toner boasts an Ecocert certification, verifying the natural origin of 99%+ of its ingredients. Moreover, it is cruelty-free, ensuring the product has not been tested on animals. The toner also excludes common allergens and irritants like gluten, nut, palm oil, soy, and perfume. Importantly, its formulation steers clear of harsh chemicals and environmental contaminants. Emphasizing sustainability, the packaging also repurposes leftover materials, and the bottles have been designed for recycling. Finally, it’s worth adding that Madara’s factory runs 100% on renewable energy.

Skin type: Dry and/or stressed skin

Price: $20.95 (Madara)

Chamomile & Rice Protein Face Toner - Druide

The Chamomile & Rice Protein Face Toner by Druide has been awarded the COSMOS certification, which underscores the product’s commitment to organic and natural ingredients. Druide is cruelty-free and places importance on production methods that consider both the environment and animal health. Notably, for those keen on natural care, this toner avoids the use of alcohol and perfume and is designed to promote a healthy skin microbiome. Packed with antioxidants, it aims to shield the skin from external stressors and seeks to restore the skin’s pH balance, tighten pores, and alleviate redness.

Skin type: Suitable for all skin types

Price: $17.29 (Druide)

Refining Toner - Weleda

Weleda’s Refining Toner is both vegetarian and vegan-friendly, consistent with other face care products offered by this company. Beyond its commitment to natural ingredients, Weleda is a certified B-Corp, and the toner itself boasts a Natrue certification, attesting to its natural origin. For those seeking chemical-free and cruelty-free options, this toner offers several benefits: it clarifies and tones the skin, refines pores, functions gently as an astringent, and delivers a refreshing sensation.

Skin type: Suitable for all skin types

Price: $14.99 (Weleda)

Unscented Facial Toner - Thayers

Thayers’ Unscented Facial Toner is formulated with 98% naturally-sourced ingredients and cruelty-free commitment. Originally developed by Dr. Henry Thayer, this unique recipe blends Aloe Vera with non-distilled Witch Hazel, which is grown exclusively for Thayers on a family-owned farm in Fairfield County, Connecticut. This combination is intended to soothe and moisturize the skin. Notably, the toner excludes alcohol, phthalates, and parabens and is also gluten-free.

Skin type: Sensitive skin

Price: $10.95 (Thayers)

When seeking personal care products or ingredients for DIY preparations, consider those free from animal products, byproducts, and animal testing. Look for certifications such as the Leaping Bunny Logo or the Certified Vegan Logo to ensure the product is cruelty-free.