Most Important Organic Food Labels & Certifications

Not all organic food labels and certifications are created equal. These are the ones worth spying on the shelves for.

By Sander Tamm

Organic Food Labels
Organic Food Labels / Sander Tamm / Ecolife

Now more than ever, agencies and organizations such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), European Council, and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) are stressing the importance of trustworthy organic labels such as the “USDA Organic” seal in the United States.

Similarly, organic food certification bodies are working hard to ensure that consumers can distinguish between up-to-standard organic farmers and greenwashersThe latter of which would be happy to add a vague, green-colored “100% eco-friendly” tag on their product and call it a job well done.

Support certified organic agriculture by being on the lookout for these organic food labels and certifications:

USDA Certified Organic (USA)

Protected by federal regulation and overseen by the National Organic Program in the United States, the USDA Certified Organic certifies organic methods of growing and preparing foods, from production to handling to labeling. In addition to the United States, this label can also be found on foods sold in Canada and is generally considered one of the most trustworthy organic food labels in North America.

Canada Organic (Canada)

Canada Organic Logo

Administered by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, this program certifies agricultural products that are imported, exported, and traded interprovincially (in Canada) if they have been produced using organic methods in accordance with the standards recognized by Canada.

EU Organic (European Union)

EU Organic Label

Valid across the European Union, the EU Organic logo is allowed to be displayed on products with at least 95% of organic ingredients. While not required by law, the EU’s organic logo is also used in the United Kingdom.

NASAA Certified Organic (Australia)

NASAA Certified Organic Label

Overseen by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA), this organic label is protected by the Australian Government, as seen in the National Standard for Organic and Bio-Dynamic Produce.

Australian Certified Organic (Australia)

Owned and maintained by Australian Organic Limited, the “Australian Certified Organic” is another trusted organic food label to be on the lookout for in Australia.